Granny Nannies Services



Our caregivers provide assistance with the activities of daily living that our clients are no longer able to physically perform for themselves, such as bathing, dressing, and toileting. Our caregivers can also perform casual, cosmetic grooming assistance, such as brushing the client’s hair, putting on makeup, filing and polishing nails. With our personalized care services, we give clients back a degree of independence they might not otherwise feel capable of in a safe environment.



Our caregivers will provide companionship and supervision for our clients. They can encourage the clients to attend and participate in social events, accompany the client on their daily outings such as lunch or bridge with their friends, and encourage activities such as crossword puzzles & reading the newspaper. The caregivers can also accompany their client on a daily walk around the block to encourage light exercise. Our caregivers will follow their client’s regularly scheduled routine as desired. Our Granny Nannies can also provide incidental transportation and accompany their client in picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy and going to doctor’s appointment’s as well as grocery shopping and running errands.



Our caregivers will stabilize the client when walking, as needed. They can also provide assistance with physical transfers, assist the client with getting up and down from their chair, to and from the commode, as well as in and out of bed. Mobility is an important component of a functional daily routine, no matter what age you are. Getting older doesn’t have to mean being stuck in one place – not with a helping hand from a Granny Nannies caregiver.



Our caregivers will maintain a safe and healthy environment, to include light cleaning and straightening of the client’s bathroom and care areas, washing the client’s dishes, changing the client’s bed linens, and doing the client’s laundry. Maintaining your home becomes increasingly important as you age, but the physicalities of it can be challenging for our clients. Our caregivers help our clients retain their lifestyle and assist with keeping their home in order.



Our caregivers can provide meal preparation following as well as the client’s dietary needs and restrictions, assist the client with feeding and cutting their food. They will also encourage liquids, as needed, which can be very important to maintaining a healthy body as you age. The caregivers can also give medication reminders, removing any element of uncertainty from the client’s usual routine. Our caregivers are there for our clients when advancing age has made an impact on their short term memory.



When you aren’t able to our caregiver can monitor and assist your loved one daily. Our caregivers will observe and report gross changes in the client’s appearance or behavior to the client’s Health Care Surrogate or other person designated by the client. Family members and medical representatives can rest easy knowing they’re as well informed as if they were right there. You can check in with your loved one and their caregiver as often as you’d like for updates on how they’re doing and find if there are any changes in their condition



No two clients are ever the same. Everyone’s lifestyle is different and schedules can change based on hobbies, events, or family gatherings, to name just a few. Our clients have the ability to make their own schedules based on when they need our services the most. We can provide home care services up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



The caregivers we send into your home are Florida-licensed Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) or Home Health Aides (HHA) with a Level 2 FBI Fingerprint Background Check. All of the caregivers are verified through the Florida Department of Health and the Agency for Health Care Administration, and must successfully complete a multi-panel drug screening in order to be registered with our agency.



Our agency strives to maintain continuity of care for both our clients and the caregivers. We accomplish this by assigning caregivers to clients for the long term, as long as both parties are pleased. This ensures our clients will be able to expect a familiar face who knows their routine, and satisfies the needs of our caregivers seeking full-time work with a steady schedule.



We have a live person from our office on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, should you or your loved one need assistance after normal business hours. Because our on-call supervisor is out of our office & not through an answering service or a recording, they are familiar with our clients & their schedules. This makes life easier for both our clients & our caregivers in the case of an after-hours emergency.


Your family and loved ones play an important role in your life. When they need personalized home care services, it’s important to find an agency that you can trust. Granny Nannies can provide you with that peace of mind by carefully selecting the caregivers we send into your loved one’s home.

Our Caregivers Are Our Strength

At Granny Nannies, good care starts with good caregivers. This means our caregivers must have compassion, kindness, and a gentle heart. They must have a desire to make a difference in the lives of the elderly.

Personal Interview

Personal Interview

Our interview process is designed to develop a personal connection with our applicants and to help verify potential caregivers. At Granny Nannies, we’re proud to say we work with the industry’s finest.


All of our caregivers are Florida Department of Health and the Agency for Health Care Administration certified. Level 2 FBI background checks are carried out on each applicant, as well, in order to gauge their fit for the position. Every caregiver must pass a multi-panel drug screening before we send them into your home.
Aptitude for Job

Aptitude for Job

Because we work closely with both our clients and our caregivers, we do our best to assign caregivers longterm positions, without too many changes. We will assess the caregiver’s aptitude for the work, to make sure we have the best candidate for the job.
On-Call Supervisor

On-Call Supervisor

In the home care industry, situations can develop quickly. Our caregivers enjoy 24-hour-a-day call access to an on-site supervisor who can put them in touch with family members or representatives, or bring up client information as needed.