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Helen H.
It is challenging to manage a caregiver relationship for a patient from a thousand miles away. Granny Nannies consistent communication and great attitude in conjunction with making THE EFFORT to find the right fit for my mom has made what was a great concern a real positive. Thank you Granny Nannies!
Betty G. M.
The capable and caring staff provides high quality, responsive service. Both to the client as well as to the family members. We highly recommend the company and the caregivers they provide.
Mary W.
At a time when we needed it so badly you gave us the support! You always did what you said you would do – with calls, information, and timing. I want to get this to you promptly because you deserve it – and your people are professionals. Thank you to your whole team. Easter greetings and blessings.
Joan S.
It’s been two and a half years since we found you and we are very pleased with everything you do. Your staff at Nannies are kind and respectful to our mom. They make her feel special and treat her like an old friend.
Eileen S. S.
My children and I want to thank you for sending four lovely women to sit with our mom and grandmother during her final week of life. It was very reassuring to us to know she wasn’t alone and we could get out rest. All caregivers were caring and loving to my mother during this time.
Helen H.
You really need to catch up with the times and accept credit cards – having said that; Granny Nannies has afforded me peace of mind that I have not experienced in years. Knowing that someone is there with my mom on a daily basis while I am 1,000 miles away is priceless.
James W. J.
Both caregivers have been with me on a long term basis. Although they do not know each other personally, they run the hours efficiently – I have utmost trust in both and feel very fortunate to have their service.
Stephen V.
It has changed my relationship with my dad as Monica has made it easier for me and has been so good for and to my dad, showerd.
Joan L.
Valerie is my family’s angel! She looks after my mom’s daily needs and keeps us informed on her day. I relax when I know Valerie is with my mom.
Evelyn E.
Granny Nannies was a big help in taking care of my mother who has dementia. She was well taken care of by Barbara, and made it easy for my wife and I to socialize at our daughters wedding. We highly recommend Granny Nannies.
Dorothy B.
Great Company!
D. H.
Granny Nannies has provided my dad to enjoy life at home in his golden years.
Louise S.
My husband and I retired from public education in Ohio and brought my elderly mother with us. She has many age related issues like hearing loss, muscular degeneration, unsteady on her feet due to hip replacements, and arthritis in her spine. Our doctor’s office suggested some home care, to help with exercise, showers, her personal needs, and Granny Nannies was recommended.
Arlene F/ Marnie F
It’s been a year now that your wonderful nannies have cared for my mother. We all feel they have become part of our family. They are so caring and attentive, punctual and professional. Because of them, we all can sleep at night knowing she’s in good hands.
Mimi S.
Our family is very pleased with the staff you have sent ove. They are very patient and professional. Thanks so much!
David H.
Granny Nannies provides an invaluable service with superior people!
Jeanne V. M.
The services of Granny Nannies were a necessity. The choice of Granny Nannies above any other agency was my choice due to splendid references from friends, I am not disappointed.
Teresa B.
In a day and time where people unfortunately don’t seem to care about quality, Granny Nannies is definitely the exception to the rule! Thank you for such a wonderful experience.
Donald P. J.
Granny Nannies, and more specifically Kat, dad’s caregiver, is a true blessing for us. Kat is extremely attentive, efficient, conscientious, and dedicated. She constantly goes above and beyond in her job duties and for that we are so grateful. We do not worry about dad’s comfort, safety, and needs while Kat is on the job! She has been an unbelievable comfort and an integral part of dad’s life. Thanks.