Top 5 Best Senior Podcasts

Top 5 Best Senior Podcasts

Podcasts today are the modern form of radio talk shows that were so famous in the 30s – 50s. They are much like radio shows, having set themes, talking about certain topics, and telling stories. There was something for everyone. The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anytime and anywhere.

If you have a tablet, smartphone, or computer you can listen and watch podcasts. For seniors looking for a dash of the good old days, podcasts are the perfect mix of radio shows with a modern twist. Here are the Top 5 best podcasts for seniors.

The Moth

The moth prides itself on taking viewers on a journey, sharing real life experiences and stories. It is a simple podcast, where people go on stage and tell their stories.

Lux Radio Theatre

Lux Radio Theatre recreates broadway shows and films from Hollywood during the golden age of radio. Prepare to leave on a theatrical journey, as voices like Claudette Colbert, Cary Grant, and Loretta Young come back to life.

This American Life

The American Life is more journalistic essays, stories, old footage, and memoirs. This is also the most famous one with almost 2.5 million downloads a year.


Radiolab is for scientists and sophists alike. Listen to this podcast if you want to learn about the intricacies of the universe and the human condition all in one.

Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics radio is hosted by Stephen J. Dubner and is one of the top rated senior podcasts in the country. Each episode is about an hour long covering a variety of topics, from sports, relationships finances, and just about anything else you can think of.

With this list of senior podcasts you can enjoy the classic feel of radio talk shows, while getting relaxing information on various topics. Supplement that classic feel with your own personal care specialist from Granny Nannies. We dedicate ourselves to providing immersive care experiences through communication, companionship and most importantly, love. Visit our elderly friendly website to see how we can help you!