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As we get older, it becomes more difficult to safely manage the activities of daily living (ADL’s) on our own. Let our professional caregivers provide the helping hands and encouragement that your loved one may need. Our CNA’s and HHA’s can assist your loved one with personal hygiene care needs, such as bathing, dressing, toileting, grooming, and oral hygiene.


As mobility and independence often decrease with advancing age, our caregivers will be there to stabilize your loved one when walking or ambulating, as needed. They can also provide assistance with physical transfers, such as assisting their client with getting up & down from a chair, to and from the commode, as well as in and out of bed.


Our caregivers will provide companionship and supervision for your loved one.  They will keep them engaged by encouraging them to attend social events, accompanying them on their daily outings for light exercise, and conversing with them. They can also accompany them on their errands or lunch dates and encourage them to keep their mind active with crossword puzzles, cards, or reading the daily newspaper.


Our Client Care Managers will keep you updated on your loved one’s condition. To provide the most accurate and up-to-date information, we communicate regularly with our caregivers who observe their clients from day to day and report any significant changes in their daily routines, behavior, ways of communicating, appearance, general mood or physical health. 


Our caregivers can prepare light meals in accordance with your loved ones’ preferences and dietary needs.  They can help with shopping lists and grocery shopping. If needed, they can assist the client with feeding and cutting their food, remind clients to take in adequate fluids, and provide verbal medication reminders.


Granny Nannies caregivers will help to maintain a safe and healthy environment by providing light housekeeping tasks such as straightening the care areas, keeping the bathroom clean, washing the dishes, changing the client’s bed linens, and doing the client’s laundry.

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We are always looking for qualified, compassionate and dependable caregivers. If you are a Certified Nursing Assistant or Home Health Aide and you want to make a difference in the lives of the elderly,  please come to our office to fill out an application today. Applications are accepted Monday-Friday 10 A.M. – 4 P.M.

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Our Story

After 16 years in the television industry, I woke up on my 35th birthday and realized, “I want to do something that’s going to make a difference in people’s lives, something that’s going to matter.” And with that thought in mind, I began the process of becoming the very first Granny Nannies’ franchise.  That was 22 years ago!  Where does the time go?

I feel really good about what we do here at Granny Nannies.  I find it very gratifying – we are doing something that matters.  We put the care of our clients first, our caregivers second, and the agency last. We’re not trying to hit numbers.  Our # 1 goal is to provide good care.  We have an amazing team of caregivers, some of whom have been with me since the very beginning, and they’re like family.  Without them, we wouldn’t be the home care agency that we are today.

The home care industry has changed dramatically over the years.  Clients have more options now than ever before, but our agency has established a great reputation in Volusia County, one that stands out from the rest.  Most of our referrals are word of mouth, which is truly gratifying, thanks to our loyal clientele, exceptional caregivers and diligent office staff.  We’re a family business and we’ve been in this community for a long time.  We appreciate that people place their trust in us and we do our best every day to earn that trust.

-William “Rob” Roberson, Owner




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